Looking for the Azure Kingfisher at Heritage Wetlands.

On a recent visit to Heritage Wetlands Wonga Park (near the Heritage Golf Club), I was delighted (and surprised) to find not only an Azure Kingfisher but a family of them.

Getting there involves driving all the way to the end of Lower Homestead Rd to the car park. There is a track on the right heading east toward Heritage GC with the river on your left. When you come to a little ford crossing about 300m along the track that is the location where you’ll have the best opportunity to see the Azures also Sacreds Kingfishers as well too.

As I approached the first bend in the river, I could hear the distinct kik-kik-kik-kik call of a Sacred Kingfisher, as it turned out there were three who were very curious about my presence.

Sacred Kingfisher-5998

Higher up in the tree canopy I heard the call of another bird that frequents this area, the Olive-backed Oriole, sometimes known to mimic other birds, so always worth double-checking its identity.

Olive-backed Oriole-6131

The Azures tend to flit between the river and the wetland adjoining the CG, looking down the river the Azures are characterised by their low flight along the river often perching on dead branches sticking out of the water!

Azure Kingfisher-5411



Azure Kingfisher-9909

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