Ausbirds is dedicated to the many amazing birds found in southeast Australia. Birds featured on the website including shorebirds, bush birds, raptors, desert dwellers and many more. One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the amazing diversity of flora and fauna in the many bushland reserves, National Parks and even roadside verges around Victoria. Most of these pictures have been taken in Victoria from around 2014 to the present, with a few exceptions here and there. I have also discovered a very healthy birding community by simply bumping into to people along way, and its because of this I keep discovering more and amazing locations around Victoria and Australia.

Pink Robin (Petroica rodinogaster)

This photo of a Pink Robin was taken in Toolangi late November 2015. When I arrived that morning I met a fellow birder who had been trying to find a Pink Robin for a good half hour, he was using playback to try and attract the bird's interest, but he wasn't getting any response, usually a good idea to not use playback in that situation. I walked on up the track for about an hour, upon my return the birder had pretty much exhausted his luck looking for the Pink Robin and bid me farewell. No sooner than he'd left, the Pink Robin presented beautifully, I felt for the poor fellow who had dipped on this little beauty!