The Portfolio is a selection of what I consider to be some of my best bird photographs. If you like any of these images and would like to purchase one, they are available as a professionally printed artwork and can be supplied in either print form or framed. For size, print and/or frame options please contact me for a quote.

The Sooty Owl, a secretive owl that lives in moist gullies of the mountain ash forests of  north east Victoria. This image was taken in December 2017 in Toolangi State Forest, it was just after after dusk and as I approached a particular gully, I paused momentarily and could hear the unmistakable trilling of the Sooty Owl.

This image was taken at the Nobbies Philip Island in early 2017. I was standing in the carpark watching a lone Nankeen Kestrel perched on the handrail when all of a sudden another swooped in to attack, this is the resulting image of the fight that ensued between the two Kestrels.

This image was taken on a Birdlife outing with 30+ birders led by Phil Peel to Newstead Victoria on 23/07/2016. It was mid afternoon at a location near the township of Newstead and the group were on the scent of a Spotted Quail Thrush, we were around 700 metres into the bush when someone called "there goes a SQT" over a little creek to my right, as the group moved on, I decided to follow the sighting to my right over a little dry creek and up a fairly steep rocky outcrop, upon reaching a ridge at the top, I noticed a movement right in front of me and this was the resulting photo. A couple who came with me got the SQT but missed the Painted Button Quail, whilst it was a great sighting, I was most unpopular and still struggle to live it down to this day!

This photo of a Pink Robin was taken in Toolangi late November 2015. When I arrived that morning I met a fellow birder who had been trying to find a Pink Robin for a good half hour, he was using playback to try and attract the bird's interest, but he wasn't getting any response, usually a good idea to not use playback in that situation. I walked on up the track for about an hour, upon my return the birder had pretty much exhausted his luck looking for the Pink Robin and bid me farewell. No sooner than he'd left, the Pink Robin presented beautifully, I felt for the poor fellow who had dipped on this  little beauty!

A beautiful Pectoral Sandpiper, image taken at the "Crake Pond" Western Treatment Plant, Werribee, Victoria. It has a slightly drooping bill with distinct orange base. Moderately long, yellowish or greenish legs. Dark, densely streaked chest showing sharp border with white belly. Dark center of rump and tail.


Sacred Kingfisher at Oswin Roberts Reserve, Phillip Island, December 2017. The moment when this stunning Sacred Kingfisher flies into the tree hollow where it's young await another feed!

Brown Quail at Jawbone flora & fauna reserve, Williamstown, Victoria Australia. Brown Quail a common sight in this reserve, often detected by their distinct call, the brown quail calls most often at dawn or dusk, giving a loud, two-note whistle that rises in pitch. The call is described as a ‘f-weep’, ‘tu-eeeee’ or ‘be-quick’, the first note of which is often shorter and feeble.

Red-capped Robin, near Broken Bucket Tank Bushland Reserve, Yanac north west Victoria, on a very foggy winters morning.

All images copyright © David Adam 2017